Congratulations Pamtech, Miss Digital Africa Impact Award

Congratulations to Miss .Africa Digital a.k.a Fempower Seed-Fund Impact Award 2022 Winners Miss .Africa Digital a.k.a Fempower Initiative led by DCA Academy has announced its fifth round Seed-Fund Winners in Africa. The program offers grants to support women and girls…

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Mubatsiri – enabling transparency

Mubatsiri - enabling transparency Hi techies! I've been working on this project, called Mubatsiri, since October 2022 in the spirit of giving back to the community. Since 2020, I have volunteered my technical expertise to ECAF, offering a little assistance…

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Problem to solution process

This is how we solve a client's problem when they come to us for a tech solution, this is just a thread on how we handle things at Pamtech doesn't mean it's the best, so many ways to kill a…

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  • By Pamela
  • September 30, 2022

How Pamtech started

November 2016. It all started with a DIY banner and home WiFi hotspot that barely made any profit but provided data. During the day, I would install applications like Whatsapp and Microsoft Office or even download email attachments for individuals. …

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